Welcome to Search Grotto.

I’m betting that when you first clicked onto my website you either said “What is this?” or “What is this?” with varying levels of disgust.

Look, there are a lot of marketing blogs out there, okay? And they all look the same. Like, the exact same.

I just want you to remember mine.

Why “Search Grotto”?

In my search for bizarre and weird themes, I found a few pretty good choices, but a lot of them were broken or had other disqualifying bits (besides being subjectively ugly).

But I found this retro theme and I liked it.

Of course I changed up some things. But with the cave background, the torches, the whole ambience… well, I like exploring and -cave was too obvious, -dungeon was too sadomasochistic, and -fortress was actually my second choice but I guess I just liked the sound of -grotto better.

As for “search,” this blog is primarily about SEO, although really it does expand sometimes into broader marketing or business stuff. But “Marketing Grotto” sounds awful.

What is a Grotto?

It’s like a little cave, a little cavern thing, sometimes they’re religious and sometimes they’re man-made.

Often they involve water, in pools or by lakes or oceans or waterfalls.

They are almost always picturesque.

I have even been to a couple grottos in person!

Who is to Blame?

Search Grotto is the child of Ethan Hulbert. Please send me your cat photos below.

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