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Dejan Marketing and Google’s Hypocrisy

Last updated: 8/26/2019

I’m not Google’s biggest fan and I think it’s a little scary what they can do. So I was interested (but not surprised) to hear that they tanked a website of a well-known SEO person, Dejan Marketing, with a manual action.

To be clear, I don’t know the guy and have no involvement with the company, and have never once interacted with anyone there. So this link is as natural as it gets.

There’s no easily-discernable reason why this site got a manual action and just seeing Google exercise that sort of power is infuriating to me.

Luckily this is a guy who knows about SEO, but imagine if it’s literally any other type of business.

Not that you have to imagine because this stuff happens a lot.

Hey, some businesses deserve it.

I shed no tears when antivax sites get demoted, when fake news sites and organizations that promote hatred and right-wing fascism get taken down.

But if anything, Google isn’t doing enough on that front.

Google-owned YouTube is actively radicalizing people towards alt-right crackpots (actual study is here) and is accidentally helping pedophiles look at children.

Compare that to Dejan SEO, which… hm… maybe copied a PDF?

Yeah, Google, that’s what deserves the manual action.

Break up Google.